Deep Drawing Quality Cold Rolled Steel

Cold Rolled Deep Drawing Steel

Cold Rolled Deep Drawing Steel

Deep Drawing Quality offer outstanding forming characteristics and good resistance of aging. The mechanical properties of the individual deep-drawing grades are specified by yield strength and by guaranteed minimum elongation values.

The aimed surface structures and excellent formability of cold rolled grades make them ideal for the production of complex body outer and inner panels, fenders, side panel frames, floor panels, spare wheel wells and outer and inner panels.

Deep Drawing Steel can be provided as Cold Rolled Steel as well as Hot Rolled and Coated Steels.

Arena Metal is able to supply Deep Drawing Quality Cold Rolled Steels from reputable Turkish, Chinese and European mills.

Equivalent Grades of Deep Drawing Steel in different Standards:
ASTM Standards: Drawing Steel – DS Types A and B, Deep Drawing Steel – DDS
EN Standards: DC03, DC04, DC05, DC06
JIS Standards: SPCD, SPCE

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