Aluzinc (Galvalume) Steel

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Aluzinc is a steel substrate coated on both sides with an aluminium-zinc alloy with the composition of the coating, 55% aluminium, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon. The excellent corrosion resistance of Aluzinc is a result of the properties of the two metallic substances: the barrier effect of the aluminium existing on the surface of the coating and the sacrificial protection of zinc.

Thickness Range: 0.18 mm – 1.50 mm
Width Range: 600 mm – 1250 mm
Standart/Quality: DX51 D, DX52 D, DX53 D, DX54 D according to EN Standards
CD, LFQ, DQ, DQSK according to ASTM Standards
Caoting: AZ60-AZ150
Surface Treatments: With antifinger print or without
Origin: China, India, Korea, Europe
Forms: Coils, Sheets, Strips and Stone Coated Roof Tile
Applications: Microwave Ovens, Tiles, Cladding, Roofing Sheets etc.