Electrogalvanized Steel

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The high corrosion resistance, formability and weldability make electrogalvanized steel an appropriate material for applications in automotive industry and electrical home appliances as well as furnitures with their attractive surface looking.

Thickness Range: 0.30 mm – 2.00 mm
Width Range: 30 mm – 1830 mm
Standards: EN,GB,JIS,ASTM
Quality: DC01+ZE, DC02+ZE, DC03+ZE, DC04+ZE, DC05+ZE, DC06+ZE
Metal Base: Cold Rolled Steel
Coating: ZE 10/10- ZE 100/100 for equally coating on both sides
ZE 0/100,ZE 25/50, ZE 75/25 etc. for different coatings on sides according to request
Surface Treatment: Chromated, Chromated and Oiled, Phosphated, Phosphated and Oiled, Oiled, No Treatment
Origin: Europe, Japan, China
Forms: Coils, Strips, Sheets
Applications: Automotive Industry, Electrical Home Appliances, Electronic Equipments, Steel Furnitures